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Manned by experienced experts, our barbers really know their stuff. If you want a real shaven look with no stubble or shadows, a classic wet head shave is just the thing for you. This specialised grooming treatment combines a selection of treatments to give your jaw a fluid, shiny gleam. The moisture helps exfoliate your face and softens hair, making for a smooth and close shave.

Get the buzz cut look

Our accessible barbers is the best hair and beauty salon in London for guys. We're a certified focal point for hair and grooming treatments, made to fulfil all your demands that's why we make getting here and contacting us simple. We're a focal point of culture and harmony in a busy city, and we place customer service at the heart of our business.

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Looking for a local barber near you? At Charlie's Barber, our skilled barbers are present to provide you with the best haircut and grooming services in the area. Enjoy a cool shave, standard trim or a go for a brand-new haircut - our stylists will give you the treatment you want and make sure you leave looking and feeling fresh as ever. Just pop by or get in touch - we'll be happy to guide you through our big range of services, no hard sell necessary!


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